The Third Asian Apostolic Congress On Mercy


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On October 14-16, 2015 ago has been implemented The Third AACOM summit 2015, where Medan city or Archdiocese of Medan more precisely, has been appointed hosted The Third AACOM 2015. The theme of the summit is Jesus Christ, The Mercy of God: The Way to Reconciliation and the sub-theme is In The Spirit of Divine Mercy, We Create And Poster Trus And Genuine Brotherhood.

Countries in Asia participated in The Third AACOM summit such as Philipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Guam, South Korea, and Indonesia of course. More than 1300 catholics from countries in Asia become a participant in the event which consist of The Bishops, Priets, Brothers, Sisters, and also lay people participated in the summit once in three years. In the opening ceremony also attended The Apostolic Nuncio to Indonesia, Mgr. Antonio Guido Filipazzi and of course Archbishop of Medan, Mgr. Anicetus B. Sinaga and also government officials as well as Plt. North Sumatera Governor, Mr. Tengku Erry Nuryadi

Spiritual movement of Divine Mercy begins in Poland by a Catholics nun named Sr. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938) who later received strong support from Pope John Paul II, now known as The Pope of Mercy. The main core teaching of Divine Mercy is Jesus Christ taught that man is not only accept and experience God’s mercy, but also called to practice compassion toward fellow human beings.

Divine Mercy movement is now growing throughout the world and has become a spiritual movement that is supported fully by The Vaticans in the presence of a special secretariat in the Papal Curia. This movement now lead by Cardinal Christoph Schonborn OPDD. In the international scaleof Divine Mercy called World Apostolic Congress of Mercy (WACOM) and for Asia region is called Asian Apostolic Congress of Mercy (AACOM) based in Manila.

The Third AACOM 2015 implementation was quite successful and attracted the attention of the participants about the discussion of the theme and sub-theme of Divine Mercy this year. Therefore, for participants who want to get the substance/material 3rd AACOM 2015 can click on the download link below. Hopefully the subject can be reflection and reinforcement of faith for all of us.

Thank you.